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MaTeLo simplifies your tests

MaTeLo is a simple and efficient solution for testing complex systems. Keep your tests up to date in time easily without having to manually regenerate all your test cases. MaTeLo takes care of everything !

Manual testing

Modifying the structure of the tests as you go along implies a significant increase in complexity. Your project quickly becomes a gas factory in which it is difficult to find your way.

Your tests are done by you, but when you have thousands of cases to test, it quickly becomes very time consuming and counter productive.

Test combinatorics and teamwork often lead to duplicate tests without you even realizing it. You end up running the same tests several times.


With MaTeLo, you have a graphical view of all your tests. Visualize at a glance all your test cases, their actions and expected results.

Automate the generation and execution of your tests. MaTeLo takes care of generating and maintaining the test cases as soon as you work on them.

Don’t waste any more time dealing with low added value elements. Focus on the nature and substance of your tests, MaTeLo takes care of the form and function.

Tests that everyone can understand

A drawing is better than a long speech

A diagram will always be more understandable than a piece of code. At a glance, you understand the mechanics of the tests whether they were built by you or by someone else. Go back and update your tests whenever you want without spending hours redefining everything.

A codeless interface for all profiles

Use MaTeLo entirely without a single line of code. Focus only on the logic.

Advanced options for experienced testers

Use your own functions and scripts in MaTeLo. Set up your actions precisely.

Visuals instead of code

Visualize your tests graphically

Enjoy the power of a collaborative and visual tool. Edit your tests easily thanks to a user interface designed for simplicity.

A graphic and collaborative editor

Build and keep your tests up to date easily !

No need to be a code expert ! With MaTeLo, creating your tests has never been easier. Use built-in widgets to define your tasks and transitions. With a Drag&Drop edition, focus only on the logic of your tests by mapping your system with graphical elements (below).

Starting point





End point

Simple design

Simple test structuring.


Implement test cases adapted to your context.


Do not miss any tests cases.

Creation and validation of data sets

Build thousands of test cases with your data

Test hundreds of thousands of situations with your data sets. Implement an infinite number of variations in your data and let MaTeLo run test cases with these data.

All your tests on a single platform

Design and run your tests in one place

Generate your test cases

Generate a wide variety of test cases.

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Run your campaigns

Run your test cases in real time in your PLC.


Automatic generation of test cases

Automatically generate your test cases in MaTeLo

You have graphically defined your tests and you want to generate test cases ? No need to do more, you have already done the work without knowing it. Thanks to the graphical diagrams you have created, MaTeLo takes care of generating the test cases.

Automatic execution of test cases

Control the execution of your tests from MaTeLo

MaTeLo and your ALM exchange information in real time.  Let MaTeLo do the testing for you. It even fills in the information in your ALM for you !

Generation of your scripts

Do you need scripts for your ALM ?

Don’t waste time writing scripts by hand. MaTeLo takes care of generating test scripts for you.

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